There is no reconciliation

August 21, 2011


Staying on track och följer upp det senaste inlägget om dejtande: så här vill jag att min nästa relation ska ta slut. Med dessa ord. Fan vad jävla poetiskt. Vi ska stå i regnet med.

So tell me now, if this ain’t love then how do we get out? Because I don’t know.
That’s when she said, I don’t hate you, boy. I just want to save you while there’s something left to save.
That’s when I told her I love you, girl, but I’m not the answer for the questions that you still have.


Alexander Zetterdahl

– Alexander Zetterdahl


August 17, 2011


Maybe I need to open up the Alex schematics, go inside, and tinker around. Figure out what I’m not doing right to get this thing to launch…

Just to kinda test myself, maybe even rattle my own cage, I thought, for this next relationship, instead of finding one of these really incredible, well-rounded women, I want to date, like, a whore.

Just to throw myself off.

Alexander Zetterdahl

– Alexander Zetterdahl

Hej. Jag heter Alexander. Kort om mig:
Längd: 190 cm.
Vikt: 89 kg.
BMI: 24.7.
Skostorlek: 46 (12½”.)
Mirakel: Mina gummistövlar (41:or/8″) passar.En skön anekdot är att det här är mitt tredje (3) försök att blogga “properly.”

xoxo, gossip guy.Alexander Zetterdahl

Eller inte.

– Alexander Zetterdahl

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